Most Popular Team Building Programs

Interactive. Fast-Paced. Designed for You!


All our team building programs are designed to encourage your group to enjoy each other’s company and engage in activities they would not ordinarily have the opportunity to do during normal work hours. All the activities focus on interaction which leads to happier and more productive team members in the workplace.

Amazing Atlantic City Adventure

It’s a race against time as teams compete to earn points by performing group tasks as they visit Atlantic City landmarks along the way. Customized for each group to include “extreme” possibilities…or not!! May include visits to Steel Pier and Atlantic City Miniature Golf.


A fast-paced interactive program where teams compete against each other in a variety of arcade games. Points and Wins are accumulated and the Three Top Teams receive medals.

Beer Blending

Teams are charged the task of creating their own unique beer blend including a name for their new blend, labels for their beer bottles, and labels for the six-pack holder. Prizes will be awarded for Best Tasting Blend, Best Name, and Best Label.

Bridge It!

Selling and Product Configuration is all about building a bridge of trust with your customers. Teams will build bridges using LEGO DUPLO.

Bridge to the Future

Teams working together build an actual bridge which has the strength to support the weight of a manned golf cart driven across it. There are two amazing aspects of this project. One is that each section of the bridge will be an independent artistic representation of your future mission and goals. The other is that the principal building materials of the structure are cardboard and duct tape! After testing the integrity of the structure, your entire group will gather on the bridge for photos.

Build-a-Raft Competition

Our Build-a-Raft Competition is a high-energy event that ignites your teams’ competitive fire as they work together to build and race their very own makeshift rafts, attempting to earn as many points as possible! Everyone is actively involved throughout, as team members must collaborate to transport their rafts from the start line and launch them in the water. This dynamic team challenge can take place in any suitable body of water and will test their ingenuity, creativity and problem solving skills.

Build Your Own Miniature Golf Course

Teams are given criteria for building a golf hole, a theme for their golf hole, and a method of earning “green bucks” (Puzzles & Brain Teasers) necessary to buy material (ie. felt, cardboard, tape, etc.) to construct a golf hole.

Casino Challenge / Casino Gaming Night

Casino Games will be created for individual or team play with professional dealers, authentic equipment, and a program designed just for you.

Chocolate Factory

During this delicious team builder, your group will learn fascinating facts about this amazing green crop followed by a taste testing of different varieties of chocolate. Teams then compete in a rousing trivia session that enables them to secure items including chocolate cement, decorations and various other candies. After building separate sections of the structure, the teamwork activities shift from competition to collaboration as teams come together to form one large, themed masterpiece!

Competition to Collaboration™

Two teams work toward the successful completion of competitive and challenging activities. Operating in separate areas, Team 1 is engaged in a timed, three activity montage. Team 2 is working on a points based activity called “On Target”. In both activities, the focus is continuous improvement and setting a seemingly unbeatable benchmark. At this point, teams are given an unexpected directive: to openly divulge information and strategies which will position the other team to outperform their benchmark.

Corporate Idol

Discover the Hidden Talent in your Company! We’ll create your very own Corporate Idol Program…at your facility or at an off-site location.

Drum Camp

Create your own Corporate Beat with this high-energy, fast paced total team involvement program. Each person is provided a drum.

Interactive Team Game Show

Lots of friendly competition, tons of laughs and fast-paced fun all provide an event of truly unforgettable memories. Includes a bit of everything such as a fast paced Mini Scavenger Hunt; the ever challenging Trivia-Rama, and the hugely popular Name That Tune… and more!

Murder Mystery

The company’s leader has feared for his life and has hired special security & fitness gurus to ensure his safety and health. Inspector Closeau & Detective Jack B. Nimble take over and solve this most horrifying and hilarious event.

On the Boardwalk in Atlantic City

“On the Boardwalk” in Atlantic City is a “twist” on the Casino program. Along with our casino tables we’ll add music and Boardwalk carnival games.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

A task-based program where teams are given 100 different items and stunts to find, do, and photograph in and around a specific territory. The territory can be as small as the hotel where your group is staying or the entire Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Sand Sculpture

A world-acclaimed master sand sculptor will coordinate and direct an interactive team program – on the beach!

Scavenger Hunts

Our scavenger hunts are designed to take you on exhilarating missions while promoting team unity. Your group will embark on fun adventures which can include smart phones, tablets, photos, clues, codes, puzzles, texting, web searching, physical challenges, and more! We offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor treasure and scavenger Hunts. Your event will be custom-designed for your group and any location you choose to explore.

Survivor Challenge

A program that features active and cerebral challenges…Rotation…”Head to Head”…Puzzle Building…”Hidden Meanings”…all within the framework of “Survivor!”


Your teams will be trained to produce illusions and then present them to the entire group.

Team Power

Team Power helps create a positive, energized atmosphere where everyone participates throughout the program. Over the years we have developed and refined dozens of team building activities for the workplace comprised of ice breakers, energizers, and problem solving initiatives. As a result, our Team Power program is a combination of the most impactful team and leadership development solutions in the industry. This unique combination of experiential activities enhances communication skills, promotes the bonding of teams and strengthens relationships.

Team Spirit Games (Corporate Olympics)

An active program designed to lift the spirits and create a high degree of enthusiasm and excitement. Activities are conducted to uplifting music in a rotational style, creating 100% of the people being active 100% of the time.

Ultimate Game Show

This combines the best features of the most popular game shows. Complete with podiums, backlit scoreboards, individual microphones, and lockout buttons, we ask verbal and audio questions, develop interactive contests, and develop a team spirit. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

Video Horseracing – Night at the Races!

And they’re OFF! Authentic and exciting races are presented on a large screen while your guests get the chance to wager for prizes on their favorite horses with names your company creates.

Win It in a Minute

Win It in a Minute is a fast-paced event that will have your teams laughing, cheering and vying to become the first place champion. Your group will be formed into teams to compete in a variety of challenges using everyday household items. The program begins with each team placed at a designated location with all of the game materials necessary to compete. After a demonstration and practice session, each challenge is played in 60 seconds and points are awarded accordingly.