Training and Development Programs


Professional Development workshops focus on the critical core competencies required to succeed in today’s business environment. These fun and spirited team building events will build unity while breaking down barriers to better communication.

Breaking Down Silos

Unleash the Power of Alignment participants explore how silos form, the impact they have upon workplace culture, morale and productivity, and most importantly, how to move past the silo mentality towards unified, high performance teamwork. Program strategies and tools include; Predictable Communication Breakdowns, Communication Mapping, and the creation of a Thematic Goal, which provides the vital context necessary for groups or departments to work well together.

Intergalactic Adventure

Get ready to defend the Earth as malevolent aliens plan our demise. It’s up to you and your team to disrupt the alien communication arrays and prevent their attack. Plan your missions, deploy your resources, and head into space in this competitive challenge to save the planet.

Kiosk Competition

Groups create engaging presentations followed by an interactive question and answer session. The goal of Kiosk Competition™ is to increase the existing knowledge and understanding of each department’s function and its critical importance to the company at large. All participants have an opportunity to engage with the presenters for a deeper understanding and connection. The result shows clearly how everyone contributes to the overall success of the organization.

Sales Process Management

This program is aimed at effectively managing day-to-day sales activities and executing a multi-step methodology to achieve sales goals. Key aspects of the sales process are discussed including what drives buying decisions, needs assessment, objective development, identifying various stages of the sales cycle, closing the sale, and activity measurement and evaluation. The strategies and tactics covered in this program provide your sales team with the knowledge and skills to win more sales.

Step Up to Accountability

By utilizing tools and exercises such as, The Fish Bowl, Stepping Up/Stepping Back, ACT (Accuracy, Completeness, Timeliness) Communication Analysis, and a self-assessment instrument, participants engage with the accountability material from multiple perspectives. The session concludes with participants establishing ground rules that inspire co-ownership of the environment that will produce the best results.

Taking Flight! with DISC Training

Ever wonder why you click with some and clank with others? In Taking Flight With DISC, participants enjoy an entertaining trip through the human personality as it plays out at work and in life. Learn why some co-workers insist on perfect plans before making a decision, while others just jump in and adjust on the fly. Discover why using the golden rule can do a lot more harm than good, and how to persuade just about anybody to your point of view by understanding their style – and yours. Gather your team or a group of your leaders and learn how to capitalize on collective talents and spot discontent before it damages morale. Master the four behavioral styles and you will have the keys to maximizing your potential and improving every relationship at work.

Team Samurai

Bring the principles of peace, harmony, respect, and confidence into your office though martial arts techniques and theory. Engage in active, hands-on team building activities under the guidance of a martial arts expert. Discover your behavior style and those of your co-workers. Begin the journey to inner peace with an introduction to meditation.

You Take the Cake

You Take the Cake is a delicious and creative team building program for your team. Imagine sculpting a cake into an artistic and innovative metaphor for teamwork, success, or any initiative your organization is supporting. You Take the Cake is the perfect team building program for established teams to enhance camaraderie and improve team dynamics or it’s a great icebreaker for newly formed teams to begin bonding.